Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research

CODE’s vision is to establish the foundation for a web-based, commercially oriented ecosystem for Linked Open Data.

Our use case focuses on research papers as a source for mining facts and their integration into LOD repositories and light-weight ontologies. Hence, we will leverage the wealth of knowledge contained in research publications on a semantic, machine-readable level by creating the Linked Science Data cloud.

Therefore, we will research and develop:

  1. Crowd-sourcing enabled semantic enrichment & integration techniques for integrating facts contained in unstructured information into the LOD cloud
  2. Federated, provenance-enabled querying methods for fact discovery in LOD repositories
  3. Web-based visual analysis interfaces to support human based analysis, integration and organisation of facts
  4. Socio-economic factors – roles, revenue-models and value chains – realisable in the envisioned ecosystem.

The consortium brings together high-potential partners, providing the resources for our vision:

  • Terabytes of research publications
  • Millions of light-weight ontologies
  • Steadily growing user community in the millions
  • Expertise in unstructured information analysis, distributed databases, semantic technologies, visual analytics and economic success factors in web businesses


CODE is a Collaborative Project and is co-financed under the grant agreement number 296150 of the European Commission’s seventh framework programme, Information and Communication Technologies.