Virtual data warehouses: Towards the full potential of the Web of Data

Linked Data and Big Data are currently very hot topics on the Web. Data warehouses show promising approaches to enable efficient analytical processes on statistical data available in the Web of Data. The CODE project developed technologies to lift statistical data into the Linked Open Data cloud by assuring the creation of meaningful data provenance chains as well as integrating openly available background knowledge to improve analytical processes.
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Lost in Semantics? Ballooning the Web of Data

ERCIM-Balloon-logoWhile Linked Open Data showed enormous increase in volume, yet there is no single point of access for querying the over 200 SPARQL repositories. The Balloon project aims to create a Meta Web of Data focusing on structural information by crawling co-reference relationships in all registered and reachable Linked Data SPARQL endpoints. Besides introducing the main idea behind the crawling of the data, we also critically reflect the current status of the Linked Open Data cloud: although it is huge in size, access via SPARQL endpoints is complicated in most cases due to missing quality of service and maintenance.
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Successful Project Review

On 14.6.2013 the first CODE Review Meeting took place in Luxembourg. The Work Package leader team – Michel Granitzer (scientific coordinator), Roman Kern, Florian Stegmaier, Patrick Höfler, Kris Jack, Michael Hollauf and Vedran Sabol – successfully presented the results of the first project year. The Project Officer and the external reviewer confirmed the quality of the performed research and development work, delivering positive feedback and seeing potential in the project outcome. Additionally, they provided valuable suggestions and ideas concerning the development of „Data Marketplaces“, which present an important aspect of the project.

CODE at the European Data Forum

The European Data Forum (EDF) took place on June 6-7, 2012 in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Prof. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt held a talk about “Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research – The CODE Approach” where she explained CODE’s vision is to establish the foundation for a web-based, commercially oriented ecosystem for Linked Open Data.

CODE Kick-Off

The CODE Kick-Off was held from 15–16 May 2012 in Graz at the Know-Center. Work packages and use cases were discussed. It was a productive time with interesting issues and we look forward to working on amazing tasks that lay ahead.