CODE and Open Access

A recent PhD Comic interactively explains the ideas of Open Access publishing.

While the authors of the Comic are most probably not aware of the CODE project, they  manage to beautifully explain the conceptual idea of the CODE project. According to the authors the two main benefits of open access are that papers are free to read and free to re-use.

While the former  is important for unlimited knowledge sharing, the latter  then enables researchers to build new tools on top of the scientific papers. Such tools can mine the scientific papers, discover new relationships, and eventually lead to the recombination and generation of knowledge. This is exactly the overall goal of the CODE project (starting at 5:22 in the video).

While the CODE consortium has access to a vast amount of scientific papers to develop such tools, Open Access publishing would greatly improve the amount and diversity of new insights that can be gained.

Enjoy the comic 🙂