First Prototype for Easy-to-Use Linked Data Aggregation

The CODE project aims to create technologies for sustainable market places around Linked Data. One of its goals is to aggregate and visualise Linked Data. Today, we are happy to announce a first alpha prototype for the easy querying of Linked Data repositories.

How does it work? Let’s look at a simple example.

Prototype of the SPARQL Query Wizard

Did you ever wonder who the coordinators of EC funded projects are and how much funding they get? To answer the question, go to and type in a coordinator you know. You may start with only part of the coordinator’s name, e.g.”Graz”. Next hit the button “Search EU” which searches the recently launched European Open Data Portal. What you get is a table of entities that match Graz.

Through the “Add column …” button you can add new columns like “Partner”, “PartnerRole”, or “Amount”. Note that the available columns depend on your current result set. Currently, we do not search all the data for performance reasons, but if you want to see more data (and hence more potential columns), just click “Load more results …” for now.

After you added the above columns, you may set another filter to restrict all entities to the type “Funding” and to the partner role “Coordinator”. Simply click on one of the “Funding” and “Coordinator” buttons in the table. This is what you should be seeing now.

Next, remove the initial label filter at the label by clicking the “x”. You will then see funding information of research project coordinators throughout the European Union.

By clicking “Load more results …” you can now load more coordinators of EU Projects and go through the list to answer your initial question.

In future we will add visualisations, export facilities, and means for managing your own data sets by registering to the site.

Enjoy playing with the tool, and if you have any kind of feedback – positive or negative – please contact Patrick Hoefler.