Just as App Stores support the long-tail of software developers to establish micro businesses, the envisioned Linked Open Data Store will enable the long-tail of data publishers, data analysts, data integrators etc. to exploit the wealth of LOD combined with unstructured information analysis.

This Linked Open Data Store will establish new commercial value-creation-chains among different roles in data marketplaces to foster business relationships around Linked Open Data. Thereby, we extend current data marketplace principles in three essential ways:

  1. We integrate additional roles in data marketplaces, namely the data analyst & integrator, who generate revenues from enriching and integrating existing data. Enriched and integrated data provides added value to data consumers and improves underlying services through increased data quality.
  2. We will research alternative revenue streams and value creation chain models in data driven ecosystems. Monetary incentives yield higher usage which in turn improves service and data quality. Improved service and data quality again yields more usage and better incentives to get involved into the Linked Open Data Store.
  3. We provide services to extract data from a currently untapped source: unstructured information. Further, the services will provide support to integrate extracted data into the LOD cloud and to analyse it subsequently. By using open standards, data re-use among different marketplaces becomes possible.

These three principles advance data marketplaces to economically driven data ecosystems, generating not only hiqh-quality data, but also commercial value for all participants.