1. A large pizza at Palanzio’s Pizzeria costs $6.80 plus $0.90 for each topping. The cost of a large cheese pizza at Guido’s Pizza is $7.30 plus $0.65 for each topping. How many toppings need to be added to a large cheese pizza from Palanzio’s Pizzeria and Guido’s Pizza in order for the pizzas to cost the same, not including tax? 2. Ms. Kitts works at a music store. Yesterday she sold 6 more than 3 times the number of CDs that she sold today. Ms. Kitts sold a total of 110 CDs over the 2 days. Find the number of CDs she sold each day.

(1) Answers

1.  PP: C=6.80 + (0.90t) GP: C= 7.30+ (0.65t) t= 2 (If you set this up in a table of values, the answer will become clear) 2. Let c represent the number of CDs sold today tot CD's= yesterday + today 110= (3c + 6) + c 110= 4c +6 104 = 4c c=26

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