1. An advantage of light microscopes compared to electron microscopes is that light microscopes A)allow you to view living cells, while electron microscopes do not. B)allow you to view the surface of cells in greater detail than electron microscopes. C)have a higher magnification capability because they use natural light. D)have a greater resolution available because they use white light. 2. To study the details of protein molecules on the surface of a cell, a biologist would likely use a A) compound light microscope. B) dissecting microscope. C) scanning electron microscope. D) transmission electron microscope. 3. What would be the magnification of a specimen viewed with a compound light microscope that has an objective power of 40x and an ocular lens power of 10x? (2 points) 40x 50x 400x 500x

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answers: 1. A 2. C 3. C

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