1.  In Chapter 8, of The Red Badge of Courage, what caused Henry to turn back to the  frontline after fleeing? a)He felt guilty about leaving. b)He wanted to get back before anyone noticed he was gone. c)He heard loud noises and was curious. 2.  In Chapter 9, of The Red Badge of Courage, what is revealed to be the meaning of a “red badge of courage”? a)blood b)a battle wound c)a Purple Heart medal 3.  Choose the vocabulary term that best completes the sentence below. “Johnny,” said his mother, “just because you lost your basketball game doesn’t mean  you should sit in your room and  _________ all afternoon!" a)harangue b)render c)brood

(1) Answers

Here are the answers of the given questions above: 1. The correct answer would be option C.  In Chapter 8, of The Red Badge of Courage, what caused Henry to turn back to the  frontline after fleeing is that he heard loud noises and was curious. 2. The correct answer for this question would be option B. In Chapter 9, of The Red Badge of Courage, the meaning of a “red badge of courage” is revealed as a battle wound. 3. The correct answer that would best complete the given sentence would be option C. BROOD.

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