1. In the red badge of courage why did the youth enlist? A: He was eager to join the war. B: He was drafted. C: He wanted to avenge the death of his friend. 2. From what point of view is the red badge of courage told? A: first person point of view B: third person limited point of view C: third person omniscient point of view 3. true or false: stephen crane was a celebrated civil war veteran A: true B: false 4. choose the best paraphrase for the following sentence: "the vociferous urchin hurled imprecations upon the man who had pilfered his viands" A: the loud boy threw stones at the man who had stolen his food B: the vicious sea creature threw sand on the man who had sat on his extensions C: the screaming boy swore at the man who had stolen his food 5. Complete the following analogy: Affable is to banshee as jaded is to___. A: child B: green C: cynical 6. Choose the three main characters from the red badge of courage. A: the youth, the short one, and the loud one B: henry, jim, and conklin C: the youth, the loud one, and the tall one 7. Which of the following is NOT one of the themes of the red badge of courage? A: nature is indifferent B: All is fair in love and war C: courage in battle proves a man 8. choose the correct order of events from the red badge of courage. A: henry marches, fights, and then flees B: henry marches, flees, and the fights C: henry flees, fights, and marches 9. which of the following is NOT an element of plot? A: point of view B: climax C: exposition

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3. is false and number 7 is a 

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