1. What is a benefit of using nonrenewable resources? A. Sustainable energy B. No pollution C. Clean fuel D. Saves money 2. Which list below describes the path of ocean water through the water cycle? A. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff B. Evaporation, precipitation, runoff, ocean storage C. Transpiration, precipitation, runoff, ocean storage D. Condensation, precipitation, runoff, groundwater 3. How does the water inside plants return to the atmosphere? A. Runoff B. Evaporation C. Precipitation D. Transpiration How can the carbon stored in plants reach the atmosphere? A. Evaporation B. Diffusion C. Photosynthesis D. Cellular Respiration What is a possible cost of habitat destruction? A. Non-sustainable energy B. Fewer landfills C. Less biodiversity D. Fossil fuel decreases

(1) Answers

1. D. Saves Money. 2. B. Evaporation, Precipitation, Runoff, Ocean Storage. 3. D. Transpiration. 4. D. Cellular Respiration. 5. C. Less Biodiversity

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