1. What is the independent variable and what is the dependent variable? Explain how you know this and what it means. 2. Analyze the scatter plot. Is there a relationship between the two variables? If so, explain what the association is. Describe what it means in the real-world context. please i need help asap

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the independs variable is like the input dependent variable is the output the independent variable influences the what dependent variable is going to be so example in the equation y=2x where x is the number of oranges and y is the cost, x=independent variable  y=dependent variable so we see 2 axises, points earned and number of sessions obviously, the number of sessions influences the points earned becasue you learn more the more sessions you  attend so the horizontal axis or number of sessions is the independent variable and the vertical axis or points earned which is the dependent variable it looks like for every 1 session attended about 1 point is earned so y=x is the relation it means that when x goes up, y goes up by the same rate

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