15 POINTS! Please explain. A right triangular prism has a height of 3 ft, a width of 4 ft, and a hypotenuse of 5 ft. The depth of the triangle is missing. If the surface area of the triangular prism is 192 square ft, find the depth of the triangular prism.

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positive the answer is 60 


The formula of the Volume is followed by the model: V = Bh Where B is the area of the triangle, which is given - 192ft² and h is the height, between the two ends. V = ?  B = 192ft² h = 3ft Following the equation; V = 192 * 3 ∴ = 576ft³ I hope you followed through. Also on note, if you aren't given the S.A [surface area], you will be required to use the Area formula. A = 1/2×base×height. Lets say we didnt know the area, your working should look like this ; V = Bh V =?  B = 1/2bh h = 3ft Thus, V = 1/2(b)(h)(3) Substitute the figures into b and h....also, the brackets means multiply.  Hope this helped you :)

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