(15/8+2/5)+(-7/8) show ur work

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The answer is 7/5 th. You can add fractions without first having a common denominator so you would change the 8's by multiplying it by 5 to get 40 and you would multiply the 5 by 8 to get 40 as well. And the rule whatever you do to the bottom you have to do to the top so whatever you multiplied 8 by do the same for the numerator and whatever you multiplied 5 by you do the same for the numerator. So your new equation would be (75/40+16/40)+(-35/40). you would then add the numerator's across to get 56 and the denominator would stay the same so the answer is 56/40. But you have to now simplify 56/40 down to 14/10 and then once more to 7/5 which is the final answer.

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