1. Mrs. Ferguson is considering reserving a room at the Abraham Hotel. The Abraham Hotel charges $239 a night. (a) Mrs. Ferguson originally planned to spend $1000 for the hotel stay. For how many nights could she book the hotel room? Show your work. (b) Mrs. Ferguson calculates that 6 nights will cost $1450. What is the percent error in Mrs. Ferguson’s calculation? Round to the nearest percent. Show your work. (c) Mrs. Ferguson looked at another hotel. She waited a week before she decided to book nights at that hotel, and now the prices have increased. The original price was $1589. The price for the same room and same number of nights is now $2075. What is the percent increase? Round to the nearest percent. Show your work. (d) Mr. Ferguson suggested contacting a travel agent to see whether they could get a lower price. The agent found a price that was 30% lower than $2075. What was the price the travel agent found? Show your work.

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Answers: a.       Number of nights = $1000/$239 = 4.18 nights b.      Percent error = theoretical value – measured value/theoretical value x 100 Percent error = [($1450 – $1000)/$1450]x100 = 31.03% c.       Percent increase = $1589/$2075 = 78.58% d.      30% = 0.30 Actual price = (1-0.30)x $2075 = $1452


ok @hagrid is close, but the answer is not accurate. You can't book parts of nights, and Mrs. Ferguson won't have enough money for 5 nights, so you have to round down to 4 nights. Also, b is not correct. Nowhere near correct. the formula for percent error is                                                          | measured value - actual value |/ actual value * 100. Once you solve it, the percent error is really 1%. So basically, I guess he is right except that the theoretical value is really the measured value. Nice try though! :) Now for C.... Not correct sorry! First find the difference between the two numbers you are comparing (in this case, 2075 - 1589). Now, divide by the original number (1589) and multiply by 100. Because it is 30.58, you need to round up to 31%. That is your percent increase! For d, use the formula 2075 - 30/100 * 2075. What you get is the new price. Also, sorry but i can't give away answers because you need to learn how to do it yourself. I seriously hope this helps and can you please give me a brainliest answer? Thanks!

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