1.Which is a characteristic of nuclear fission? -releases nonradioactive waste only -involves the collision of two nuclei releases small amounts of energy compared to -fossil fuels -involves the splitting of an atom into two or more fragments 2.Both nuclear fusion and nuclear fission reactions -release radioactive waste. -involve the splitting of atoms. -are utilized in nuclear power plants. -release large amounts of energy. 3.Which type of reaction does this diagram represent? (see attachment)

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Here, I believe are the correct solutions: 1. A characteristic of nuclear fission basically involves the splitting of an atom into 2 or more fragments, whether they be particles or unstable nuclei. 2. Both nuclear fission and nuclear fission reactions are utilized in nuclear power plants. 3. The diagram showcases a series of nuclear fission reactions occurring which shows a chain reaction, in which a nuclei is bombarded with a particle producing other nuclei and particles that will affect them and so on.

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