2 questions??? realy need help 1) define the term town meeting and name which region of the united states that town meetings are most commonly held. 2) what is the job of a coroner??

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A town meeting is the purest form of democratic governing. It is a place where citizens can voice their opinions for changes in their communities. The town meeting is where the salaries are set for the city officials, it votes to appropriate money to run the town and votes on the town's by-laws. The town meetings were begun in New England but are also held in the South. Generally, the town will have 12,000 or less people otherwise it can be classified as a city. The coroner's job is to perform autopsies to answer questions of cause of death, to run tests to fix responsibility for cause of death. They run pathological and toxicological tests to eliminate causes or prove causes of death. They are involved in inquests to certain deaths.

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