2. What caused the Western Roman Empire to fall? There was no single cause, and no sudden fall. Rome’s decline took place over many years, and was the result of many factors. Write a short essay that briefly describes the factors that led to the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire.

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I would give you a brief background on why it fell so it would be easier for you to write an essay. 1. Invasion of barbarian tribes - Romans had always some issues with barbarians that wanted to take their land. Since, Roman Empire was becoming corrupted. Each emperor killed another to take the throne, soldiers were bought from different countries to serve the Romans. When, roman currency fell, those soldiers were not loyal anymore because they didn't get any money to protect the city against the barbarians.  2. Economy problems and slavery - since they were in many wars and also spent all money on games, like colosseum games, etc. The huge taxation began to pressure poor people. Later, a huge gap between rich and poor created and there was no middle class. Slaves ofc, didn't want to be part of Roman Empire anymore and started to flee or move out. Some were rebelling against Emperors. 3. Rise of the Eastern Empire - when Romans knew they screwed up and that it was hard for one Emperor to rule the entire Rome, they decided to split it up in 2 parts of Rome. Eastern Rome became successful and were progressing into new discoveries, etc. While Western Rome went far behind. (It was the era of knights, kings, monarchy, etc.) 4. Government corruption - Once again, everyone wanted to kill Emperor and take him place. This caused unbalanced government and trust of the citizens.  5. Christianity - the spread of Christianity took some part of it too. Roman Catholic Church was against every person who wanted to turn to Christian. It caused uprisings and threads since not everyone wanted to be under Roman Church.  

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