50 points for whoever can give me reasonable/correct answers 2.List two specific examples of innate behavior and one example for each of the four learned behaviors. Explain why you believe these behaviors are innate or learned and why you have classified each of the learned behaviors as you have. 3.Describe an animal behavior that you hypothesize is advantageous to an animal’s survival. Discuss the ways in which you believe this behavior helps the animal to survive.

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Things such as cats hunting or babies and raccoons using their hands to pick up things are innat behavior. No one teaches them how to hunt or pick things up. It is something that is instinctual. I believe a trait that an animal has that helps it survive would be a deer's sensitive hearing. Without it being accustomed to listening it would be far easier prey for wolves and other animals to catch them. With good hearing they are able to dwell more in places without actually paying much attention because their ears are genetically modify to tune in and pick up on these things! Good luck!!


Hi, Ok my first animal is parrot   1:A parrot speaks learned 2:A parrot bites another parrot learned  3:A parrot swoops down and grabs a grape learned 4:A parrot makes a nest in a tree, learned 3: A mountain lion jumps a fence to get to a rooster, this is dangers for the lion because he can be shot and killed, but if he doesn't so it  there's a cause he can starves to death, it help him to survive because be wouldn't have to get food for the next couple of days and would hopefully find something less dangerous!

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