A book is given a sudden push to make it slide along a desktop. If the initial speed of the slide is doubled, by what factor is the distance that the book slides changed? A 20 kg cart is moving at 2.0 m/s when a 5.0 N force is applied for a distance of 6.0 m in the direction the car is moving. What is the kinetic energy of the cart at the end of the 6.0 m? A 0.145 kg baseball is thrown from a platform above the ground at a 10 m/s. The ball is moving 15 m/s when it strikes the ground. From what height above the ground was the ball thrown?

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Well let see, we don't have any information about the initial distance we have to use our logic assuming that the distance moves from 1 to 2 m with initial speed , it means that the distance factor is 2 Since the initial speed has doubled, it would be very likely that the factor of the distance is MORE THAN 2 . Find the answer that either got 3 or 4 distance factor hope this helps

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