a boy on a bicycle is resting at the top of a hill then he rides his bicycle down the hill describe how the boy potential and kineti energy differ at the top middle and bottom of the him

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When the boy is resting at the top of the hill, he has maximum potential energy and minimum kinetic energy. Potential energy is the stored energy due to mass, gravitational acceleration and height of the object. As the boy is at the top of the hill, he has stored potential energy. His kinetic energy is zero because he is at rest, hence his velocity = 0 m/s. As he moves down the hill, his potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, such that at the bottom of hill, he has maximum kinetic energy and zero potential energy. This is because as boy moves down the hill, he gains velocity, leading to an increase in kinetic energy and his height decreases, so does his potential energy. At bottom, when height = 0, potential energy also becomes zero

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