a camera manufacturer spends $1,800 each day for overhead expenses plus $9 per camera for labor and materials. The cameras sell for $18 each. a. How many cameras must the company sell in one day to equal its daily costs? b. If the manufacturer can increase production by 50 cameras per day, what would their daily profit be? A. 200; $900 B. 200; $450 C. 150; $0 D.100; $450

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We let x be the number of cameras that need to be sold. The total cost for manufacturing x cameras is,                             9x + 1800 a. To equal its daily cost, the equation would be                      9x + 1800 = 18x The value of x from the equation is 200.  b. For 250 cameras sold,                       18(250) - ((9)(250) + 1800) = 450 Therefore, the answer is letter B.  

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