a car traveling at +7.0 m/s accelerates at a rate of +0.80 m/s^2 for an interval of 2.0 s.Find the VF

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To solve this type of problem, the formula for linear-motion and acceleration will be used. The formula is stated below: Vf = Vi + at Where: Vf = final velocity Vi = initial velocity a = acceleration t = time Substituting the given values into the equation: Vf = 7 m/s + (0.8 ./s^2)*(2 s) Vf = 8.6 m/s


Given: The formula of VF is v=u+at Coressponding to: v= final velocity  u= initial velocity which is 7m per second a= acceleration which is 0.08m per second^2 t= time which is 2.0 seconds   Substitute: y=u+ay=7+(0.80*2)7+1.6=8.6  VF=8.6 m/second^2

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