A discount store has a special: 8 cans of juice for a dollar. A shopper decides that since the number of cans purchased is 8 times the number of dollars spent, the cost is the independent variable and the number of cans is the dependent variable. Do you agree? Explain

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Nope. Number of cans is independent variable & the cost is dependent variable on it. Let the number of cans = x Then, y = 8x where, y = 1 dollar,  Here, we can see, y (cost) is dependent on x (number of cans) Hope this helps!


independent variable effects (or affects?) the value of the dependent variable any change in the indepdent vairable forces a change on the depdent variable it doesn't always go either way number of cans=8 times dollars spent the number of cans does effect the amount you have to pay but the amount you have effects the number of cans you can buy the amount you pay effects how many cans you can buy normally, independent is input and depdendent is output input x money, get y cans not input y cans, get x money it could be argued that input y cans, have to pay x money but it is more of an ouput, more than a bill so I do not agree

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