A farmer plants corn and wheat on an 180-acre farm.The farmer wants to plant three times as many acres of corn as wheat.How many acres of each crop should the farmer plant?

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let x be the number of acres of corn let y be the number of acres of wheat corn and wheat will take up 180 acres x+y=180 3 times corn than wheat x=3y 2 equations 2 unknown x+y=180 x=3y solving using substitution x+y=180 substitute for x x+y=180 (3y)+y=180 3y+y=180 4y=180 divide by 4 to both sides 4/4 y = 180/4 y=45 45 acres of wheat planted using 2nd equation to find x x=3y x=3(45) x=135 135 acres of corn planted

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