A rectangular park is 6 miles long and 3 miles wide. How long is a pedestrian route that runs diagonally across the park?

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If the path runs diagonally, then a right angle triangle is made, with the width and length as the two sides, and the route taken as the hypotenuse. Pythagorus' Theorem tells us that; A² = B² + C² Where B and C are the two sides of a right angled triangle, and A is the hypotenuse. Route taken = A A² = B² + C² A² = 3² + 6² A² = 9 + 36 A² = 45 A = √45 A = 6.7 miles


as it will create a triangle with 90o angle the pythagory says 6+3²=x²⇔ x²=45⇔ x=√45

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