A rectangular prism has a volume of 120 cubic inches. the length of the prism is 5 inches, the width is (x-2) inches, and the height is (x 3) inches. what are the width and height of the prism? a width: 3 in., height: 8 in. b width: 4 in., height: 6 in. c width: 6 in., height: 4 in. d width: 8 in., height: 3 in.

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I hope this helps you Volume = width ×length ×height 120÷5= 5. (x-2).(x+3)÷5 24=(x+3). (x-2) 8.3=(x+3).(x-2) x-2=3 x= 5 width =x-2=3 height=x+3= 8

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