A right rectangular prism is packed with cubes of side length 1/2 inch. If the prism is packed with 5 cubes along the length, 3 cubes along the width, and 6 cubes along the height, what is the volume of the prism? A 3 3/4 cubic inches B 7 cubic inches C 11 1/4 cubic inches D 24 cubic inches

(1) Answers

Volume = Lwh So to find the volume, we would multiply the length, width, and height.  L = 5  W = 3 H=6 So now we just plug it into our formula. 5x3x6 = 90 Thats the volume. But wait, were not done yet. The question said that each side was 1/2 in length. So to finish the problem, we would just need to divide 90 by 1/2. Which is 45, and then we would divide it by 1 half again, which is 23.5, Which could be rounded to 24.

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