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A school with 20 standalone PCs is considering networking them together and adding a file server. Write four benefits of doing this.

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1. The computers can now be used in collaboration, where the server files can be edited by anyone and everyone, allowing for collaborative functions. 2. Now occupying a file server, the network of computers can have files located in an external server opposed to in the hard drives of the computers. This allows for cleaning of the computers, as the files can be backed up to the file server. 3. Having an external file server means the physical computers the students use can accidentally download a virus, and the repercussions wouldn't be nearly as drastic; as the files can be backed into the file server. 4. The connectivity of having a computer network of 20 PCs allows for not only collaboration, but also refinement of work, accessibility for peer editing, and more memory space to contain more files. To name a few.

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