A support wire stretches from the top of a pole that is 30 feet tall to an anchor in the ground 40 feet from the base of the pole. How long is the wire?

(2) Answers

L^2=y^2+x^2 L^2=30^2+40^2 L^2=900+1600 L^2=2500 L=50ft


Basically you have a right triangle with one leg measuring 30 feet and the other measuring 40 feet.  You are looking for the hypotenuse of this triange. You can use Pythagorean theorem to solve: c²=a²+b² c²=30²+40² c²=900+1600 c²=2500 c=√2500 c=50 feet OR, if you recognize the Pythagorean triple pattern of 3, 4, 5, you would know that the hypotenuse would be 50 feet

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