a triangle has an area of 230. 86 square inches. The height of the triangle is 23.8 inches. What is the length of the base of the triangle?

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Given; Area of the traingle = 230.86 sq. inches Height of the triangle = 23.8 sq. inches We have, Area of the triangle =  [latex] \frac{1}{2} bh[/latex] where, b = base of the traingle h = height of the triangle Now, Substituting the given info. we get, [latex]230.86 = \frac{1}{2} ~ b~(23.8)[/latex] [latex] \frac{230.86 ~*~2}{23.8} = b[/latex] [latex]b = 19.4[/latex] So, the base of the triangle is 19.4 inches     

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