Aditi has $50.00 in her wallet. She buys a shirt for $12.00 and also wants to buy some bracelets that are on sale for $0.60 each. The inequality below relates x, the number of bracelets she can buy, with her shirt purchase and the money in her wallet. What is the greatest number of bracelets she could buy?

(2) Answers

I think the greatest she could buy is 63 bracelets 


total-shirt=money available for bracelets braceletstotalcost=numberofbracelets times cost per bracelet therefor divide both sides by cost per bracelet (braceletstotalcost)/(costperbracelet)=numberofbracelets so total=50 shirt=12 costperbracelet=.60 50-12=38=totalbraceletcost totalbraceletcost/costperbracelet=numberofbracelets 38/0.6=63.33 can't buy 0.333 bracelet round down 63 bracelets

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