(Algebra II) What is the solution of the system of inequalities? y ≥ x^2+6x+10 y<-x^2-8x-14 Graph the solution please

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3.4 i think, sorry idk


y ≥ x² + 6× + 10  (solid line)  m= 6/1 B= 10         draw a point on (10,0) and then count up 6 units, then right 1 unit and drow another point, and repeat till graph ends. Then back at (10,0), count down 6 units, and left 1 unit. and continue to draw the points. Connect the points with a solid line.  y < -x² -8x - 14 (dashed line)  m= -8/1 b= -14  Draw a point at (-14,0) and then count down 8 units, and right 1 unit. (draw a point) Then back at (-14,0) count up 8 units, and over left 1 unit. Connect the points with a Dashed line. 

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