Although people usually only hear about the benefits of exercise, there can be risk factors as well. Some of these risks are inherent in different types of exercises or sports, but other risks can be associated with the environment where someone chooses to exercise. What are some environmental risk factors that should be considered and avoided when exercising?

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First environnemental risk that should be considered is how hot it is outside, if it's 104 degrees Fahrenheit out then you should not be out for extended periods of time, especially exercising. Same goes for if it's too cold out. Another that could be technically considered is altitude, if you have an athlete that is used to playing and practicing at a low altitude then switch them to a higher altitude they could get hurt because you are moving from a high oxygen level to a low oxygen level. However if you were to do this the other way around (low to high) then the athlete would thrive because they are getting more oxygen then what they are used to. (Hence why the USA Olympic training center is located in Colorado.)

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