Amal Worked a total of 30 hours last week. On Saturday And Sunday He Worked 5 times as many hours than he worked the rest of the week. How many Hours Did He Work The Rest Of The Week?

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Let x represent the number of hours he worked during the weekdays (not Saturday or Sunday). If x is how much he worked on the weekdays and he worked 5 times as much on Sat and Sun, then hopefully you agree that on Sat and Sun he worked 5x hours. So we have 5x hours on the weekends and x hours on the weekdays, so in total for the whole week we have 5x + x = 6x hours in total. The question tells us that he worked 30 hours total, so 6x = 30 Divide both sides by 6 to isolate x and we have x = 5. He worked 5 hours the rest of the week. Hope this helps. If it does, please be sure to make this the brainliest answer! :)

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