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An isosceles triangle has area of 125 ft^2. If the base is 14 ft, what is the length of each leg? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 19.2 ft 15.8 ft 514.9 ft 22.7 ft

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An isosceles triangle has two congruent sides. If you are given the area of an isosceles triangle and the length of the base, you are to determine the height if the triangle. A = 0.5*b*h 125 = 0.5*14*h h = 17.86 ft. The h is the line from the upper vertex of the triangle to the center of the base. So, this also acts as a bisector of the base, forming two right triangles. To find the length of the side, we apply the pythagorean theorem: c = square root (a^2 + b^2) where c is the hypotenuse, and a and b are the other two shorter sides. c is the unknown side, a = height = 17.86 and b = the half of the base = 7 c= square root (17.86^2 + 7^2) c = 19.2 ft

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