an object is dropped from a height of 25 meters. at what velocity will it hit the ground? a 7.0 m/s b 11 m/s c 22 m/s d 49 m/s e 70 m/s

(1) Answers

Assuming that the object starts at rest, we know the following values: distance = 25m acceleration = 9.81m/s^2 [down] initial velocity = 0m/s we want to find final velocity and we don't know the time it took, so we will use the kinematics equation without time in it: Velocity final^2 = velocity initial^2 + 2 × acceleration × distance Filling everythint in, we have: Vf^2 = 0^2 + (2)(-9.81)(-25) The reason why the values are negative is because they are going in the negative direction Vf^2 = 490.5 Take the square root of that Final velocity = 22.15m/s which is answer c

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