An object is thrown directly up (positive direction) with a velocity (vo) of 20.0 m/s and do= 0. Determine how long it takes to get to the maximum height of 24.0 m.

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Vfinal is 20m/s because speed coming down is the same as going up, and v initial is 0 because we can assume that this problem is the same as a drop problem.  so 400 = 2(9.81)x  solve for x and it is about 21.  so now we have the maximum height reached.  use x=0.5at^2 to solve for time to fall.  21=0.5(9.81)t^2  4.3=t^2  time=2.17 seconds aproximately (sorry i had no calculator you may want to check the math but the formulas are right.)Source(

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