Analogy (2.02) Definition: a comparison of two things that is more complex than a simile or metaphor Example: Allusion (2.02) Definition: An indirect reference to something or someone that is expected to be recognized Example: Tone (2.02) Definition: How the author feels about their topic Example: Neutral Tone (2.02) Definition: Example: Positive Tone (2.02) Definition: Example: Negative Tone (2.02) Definition: Example: Denotation (2.02) Definition: Precise meaning, aolso known as the dictionary meaning Example: Connotation (2.02) Definition: Implied meaning Example: Figurative Language (2.02) Definition: Not literal words suggest a meaning outher than how they are defined Example: Literal (2.02) Definition: Strict word for word dictionary meaning Example: Technical Language (2.02) Definition: language associated with a particular profession, activity, or field of study Example: Simile (2.02) Definition: a comparison of two things using like or as. Example: Metaphor (2.02) Definition: a comparison of two things not using like or as Example: Hyperbole (use dictionary) Definition: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. Example:

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Analogy: Dean Jackson had a velvet voice. Allusion: Kyle is a real Romeo with the ladies. Tone: Anger, sarcasm, annoyed. Neutral tone: Modest, content, relaxed. Negative Tone: Frustration, Rage. Positive Tone: Happy, blissful, excited. Denotation: Travel is to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. Connotation: Babe (woman) Figurative language: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. Literal: Im very hungry. technical language: I am an expert in Math. Similie: I am as cool as ice! Metaphore; He is a night owl. Hyperbole: Im so hungry im going to die of starvation. Hope this helped. Have a great night!

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