Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) is a self-regulating hormone that detects the increase of osmotic pressure in the blood. Outline the negative feedback pattern that ADH undergoes in order to conserve water in kidneys.

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Negative feedback is used to describe a process that essentially goes in revers of what the body is currently doing. So when it comes to ADH, you body is loosing loosing a lot of water and your hypothalamus releases ADH to help conserve the amount of water in the body by allowing water to be reabsorbed more than what would normally happen if your body was not in need of more water. So... Your body is dehydrated   1. Hypothalamus sends signal to Pituitary gland to release ADH  2. ADH travels to the kidneys where it it makes the tubules more permeable to water for re absorption. 3. Once the your body is at homeostasis again (not dehydrated) the Hypothalamus stops directing the Pituitary gland and stops the formation of ADH 

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