Basaltic magma is the _______ type of magma. A. least explosive B. coolest C. hottest D. most explosive What are two of the processes that move tectonic plates over the surface of the Earth? A. Connection and convection B. Slab pull and crust conversion C. Ridge push and slab pull D. Plate movement and convection currents Where are the longest continuous mountain ranges on Earth located? A. Along the ocean floor B. In the Western portion of the United States C. Along the San Andreas fault D. In the Middle East

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1. Basaltic magma is the hottest (C) type of magma. 2. Two processes that move the tectonic plates over the surface of the earth ridge push and slab pull (C). 3. The longest continuous mountian ranges on Earth located is in the western portion of the United States. (B).

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