Bob and Mark talk about their families. Bob says he has 3 kids, the product of their ages is 72. He gives another clue: the sum of the ages of his children. Mark points out that there is still not enough information to accurately guess. Finally, Bob says, "My youngest child called Justice." Mark can then correctly determine the ages of Bob's children. What are the ages?

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The first clue to this problem is that Bob has three kids in which the product of their ages is 72 and the sum is 14. From the factor tree, there  are two combinations of the ages  2, 6, 6 and  3,3,8. Last thing he said is that his youngest is named Justice. One combination has similar number in the set which means there are twins. The youngest means there can be only one child. Hence the ages of the children are 2,6,and 6.         

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