Briefly describe he function of the cell parts (organelles)

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1.       Cell membrane – mostly in animal cells, the protective layer in every cell 2.       Endoplasmic Reticulum – plays a role in synthesis and production of lipid and protein 3.       Ribosome – These organelles gather and use RNA to synthesize and produce polypeptides and protein 4.       Golgi Apparatus – serves as a courier that packages, modifies and sorts proteins and other materials that it receives from the endoplasmic reticulum 5.       Lysosome – acts a digestive system in cells, it metabolizes and breaks down wasted organelles or materials in the cell 6.       Microtubule – serves as a framework of the cell –cytoskeleton. 7.       Mitochondria – acts as the powerhouse of the cell that uses ATP and converts it to energy 8.       Nucleus – the control center of each cell. It regulates, monitors and organizes the whole cell

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