Can anyone help me write my MUN position paper? This is the example! 

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I'm not sure what your topic is, but here are a few helpful tips I've picked up from doing MUN over the years: #1 (VERY IMPORTANT) - Be as specific as possible when describing your solution. Make sure to include exactly how it will be implemented. #2 - If your solution needs funding, NGOs are excellent sources. You can look up a list of all of them and find the ones that relate to your topic. #3 - If your country has a bad economy, fixing its economy is a good solution to solving political unrest. Research its natural resources and see what it has to offer the global economy. #4 - Try as best as you can not to alienate other countries. While you shouldn't twist it around and become allies with your enemies, try to find a solution that benefits (or at least doesn't hurt) everyone #5 - Research, research, research!! Don't just copy the topic overview for background information and UN involvement. While it is tempting, the ones that receive research awards are the ones who have done lots of outside research. This will also help a lot during the conference. #6 - Going of number 5, cite all your sources. MUN frowns upon plagiarism highly, so make sure to put the urls of your sources at the bottom. For this reason, make sure to use credible sources - citing Wikipedia doesn't look as good as citing Worldbook. #7 - Know your neighboring countries and allies. Consider what can they do to help you? Do they have money? Raw materials? Aid? #8 - Be as unique as possible. Obviously similar solutions will always be brought up in conferences, however create one that goes of your specific country. Find what the specific issue is with your country. If it is poverty, what are they poor in? Is food the issue? Is their economy bad in general? Additionally, acronyms are very good. Come up with a three to five step plan and label it with an acronym. For example, at my last conference I was Italy for drugs in minors. I came up with the three-step plan "READY" which stood for Recovery, Education, and Awareness Decisions for Youth. Acronyms make you more memorable as well as show you are more prepared. #9 - Always take your country's laws and policies into consideration. Playing your country is one of the most important things to do both in your position paper and at the conference. For example, you wouldn't want to talk about uncensored internet if you were China or complete equal rights for women if you were Afghanistan. #10 - Finally, double and triple check spelling and grammar. While one or two typos may not seem like a big deal, they can be the deciding factor between you and another person for a research award. If two papers have equal research, but one is filled with grammar mistakes, the chairs will choose the one that is more grammatically correct. Hope this helps :) Some of these may be more geared towards high school conferences and their position paper format, but they should be pretty accurate towards middle school too. At the conference just remember to stick to your country, participate and comment and talk as much as possible, and to have fun. If you have any other questions feel free to message me :)

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