Can someone explain to me how to do this one I did the question but I got it wrong

(2) Answers

Use the order of opperations. PEMDAS. So it should be -13


To solve the expression, we use the order of operations. The order of operations tells us what operation we do first before we do the next step. It goes like this. First, comes parentheses, then exponents. then multiplication and division, and finally, addition and subtraction. Multiplication and division have the same precedence. Like addition and subtraction. So, if you find yourself with an expression with multiplication and division operations, you do everything left to right. The same goes with addition and subtraction. 5 ÷ 5 - 2 * 7 We can see that both multiplication and division operations are present in the expression. Working from left to right, the division part comes first. 1 - 2 * 7 Then comes the multiplication. 1 - 14 And finally subtraction. -13 So, -13 is the answer. 

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