Can someone explain to me how to solve this, thank you

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Reduce to a common denominator: The common denominator is (x-5)(x+4). since each part of this equation is a fraction, the value of the fraction will not change if we multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same factor: 1stMultiply and divide he first part by the (x+4) -the denominator of the 2nd part 2(x+4)/(x-2)(x+4) 2nd do the same for the second part, multiply and divide by (x-5): 3(x-5)/(x+4)(x-5), Now we have the following (same) equation: [2(x+4) + 3(x-5) ] / (x-5)(x+4) {same denomination, then I can add) After Solving the numerator, the final result  (5x-3)/(x-5)(x+4)

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