Advanced Placement (AP)

can someone help Me! can someone tell me how I got 7 8 and 9 wrong and what the correct answer is? you get 50 points

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I'm not sure on 8 (maybe because I can't see all of option D, but idk) 7.) you get y on one side m and the rest on the other so it was -3x-7y=21 then you add 7y to both sides to get rid of it (+ gets rid of -, × of ÷, etc) so now it's -3x=21+7y then subtract 21 from both sides to get -3x-21=7y the y is still not alone; it's being multiplied by 7, so divide it all by 7 (-3x/7)-(21/7)=(7y/7) which makes y=(-3/7x)-3 9.) slope intercept form is mx+b the m is the slope, so you're looking for m but the equation -6x+2y=3 isn't in slope intercept form, you have to convert it get y on its own side you can subtract it, making it -6x=3-2y and then subtract the 3 making it -6x-3 = -2y then the y isn't alone so you divide everything by -2 making it y=3x+(3/2) the slope (or m) is 3

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