can someone message me if you can help me with point slope formula

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Point-slope formula is usually used when given the slope of a line and one set of coordinates. There are variations, but I won't discuss them unless you need me to. Anyways, for instance, say that a line has a slope of four and a coordinate pair at (2,5). The formula for point-slope is this: y - y1 = m (x - x1). Y and x are just variables, m is the slope off the line, and y1 and x1 are the coordinates. So, with our example, just plug in the numbers into the equation. Use the example problem a paragraph ago. y - 5 = 4 (x - 2). y - 5 = 4x - 8. y = 4x - 3. (Added 5 to other side) That's it! You have the equation in slope-intercept form and can be used to solve other problems. If not needed in that form then just leave it in point-slope form. If any question arises then feel free to ask me. Hope this helps!

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