Can someone please help with this? I need a full explanation as I want to understand it and not just know they answer:) Thanks!

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make 6 triangles. each triangle is 24 units it is 144 units


we use special traignels we draw a line like the one with length 8 we get an equilateral triangle now we draw a line perpendicular to the botttom side to get a right triangl (see attachment) since equilateral triangles are 60 degrees, and 1/2 of 60 is 30 we have a 30,60, 90 triangle if the hypotonuse is 2x then the longer leg is x√3 and the shorter leg is x the longer leg is the apothem so hyptonuse=8=2x 4=x 4√3=apothem so then we gots height=4√3 base=4 area=1/2 times base times height=1/2 times 4 times 4√3=8√3 there rae 8 of those triangles so 8 times 8√3=64√3 the area is 64√3 square units

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