Can someone who is really good at geometry to help ASAP please!!!!!! and can you show me how you got the answer

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The first thing to know is that this is an isosceles triangle therefore, angles B and C will have the same measurement. Now, We know that half the measure of A is 22 and the whole angle of a is 44 as a result. In case you don't understand: 22x2=44 Next, we will subtract 22 by 180. We are subtracting by 180 because that is the amount that all the angles add up to.  180 = 2x + 44 -44           -44 136 = 2x Finally, we will divide by two since angle B and C have the same measurement (x) 136 = 2x ------   -----    2       2  Then the measurement of angle C will be.... x = 68

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