Can you explain how to do This and what is the answer

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The question is 3x^2 + 19x = 14 First step is to bring the number 14 to the other side and put the equation equal to 0, it will be: 3x^2 + 19x - 14 = 0 (So now this will be your question) Then you need to figure out the factors of -14, and when you add the factors using cross multiply you have to get the middle number(19). So the factors of -14 are 7 and -2 Cross Multiply: (3x -2) = -2x (x 7) = 21x So 21x - 2x= 19x Answer: (3x-2)(x+7) If you want to check to make sure your answer is correct, here's how: Just distribute (3x-2)(x+7) 3x^2 + 21x - 2x - 14 Then solve. 3x^2 + 19x - 14 If it was the same as the original question, then your answer was correct. Hope this helped!

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